Big Data Analytics

The successful execution of an Agency’s strategy requires a committed team and the governance to make things happen.  To successfully execute your plan you will need the controls to define, measure, and control your implementation every step of the way.

Ventura employs big data analytics to deliver big value to business, adding context to data that provides a more complete and accurate story. By reducing complex data sets to actionable intelligence, Ventura can make more accurate business decisions.  We understand how to demystify big data for our customers.

Among the types of Big Data services we provide are:

  • Unstructured Data Analysis
  • Prescriptive Analytics (what actions should be taken)
  • Predictive Analytics (what might happen)
  • Diagnostic Analytics (what happened and why)
  • Descriptive Analytics (what is happening now based on incoming data)
  • Decision support analysis for Big Data sets
  • Data transformation
  • Linear optimization algorithms
  • Data visualization

“The strategic guidance provided by Ventura has benefited VA immensely.”Director, Enterprise Network Services Office of Information and Technology Department of Veterans Affairs

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