Health Insurance

Employees will be eligible for health insurance benefits on the first day of employment. Ventura offers two choices for health insurance: The Cigna Open Access Plus Standard and The Cigna Open Access Plus Enhanced. The Ventura Group, Inc. will pay for 60% of an employee’s and dependents’ premiums. The health insurance is a combined plan with medical and prescription. The PPO provides nationwide coverage. The employee’s share will be deducted from paychecks on a per-tax basis.

Employees are eligible to elect from two dental plans: Cigna Dental Low and High. Employees may visit any provider they want, if you select a provider in the Cigna PPO Network, you will typically receive a higher level of benefit and save on out-of-pocket money. You do not have to participate in the medical insurance to be eligible to join.

Ventura offers a Select Plus Vision Plan through Advantica. The plan provides comprehensive vision coverage through a national and regional network of providers and reimbursement for services through and vision provider.

If coverage is not elected, the next opportunity to enroll is during the open enrollment in November or immediately if there is a qualifying event (for example: termination of COBRA, divorce, birth of a child, etc.).