Training and preparing its workforce is a key component of any Agency’s strategy. Effective training boosts employee morale, improves productivity, and increases customer satisfaction. If your workforce is properly and continuously trained, they will feel empowered to do their job more effectively and your constituents will benefit from it.

Ventura provides comprehensive training and professional development solution, tailored to the needs of each Agency. Over the years, we have developed best practices compliant with learning industry standards. Our Team has been assessed at CMMI Maturity Level 2 and one of our flagship projects used during the CMMI assessment is related to training services.

Ventura’s Training Services comprise of the following services:

  • Development of training curricula and materials.
  • Ability to develop training materials in multiple languages.
  • Setup and maintenance of training labs.
  • Measurement and Analysis strategies to assess the effectiveness of training programs.
  • Development, setup, and maintenance of custom help desk solutions for training.
  • Strategies and tools to monitor training lab use and application utilization.
  • Authoring of courseware and teaching materials
  • Development and implementation of pedagogically-sound multimedia resources for language learning, utilizing standardized applications such as Rapid Rote and Hot Potatoes.
  • “Train the Trainer” sessions on the use of Sony Virtuoso/Soloist Digital Lab hardware and software application systems, enabling instructors to perform critical monitoring, training and assessment of each student on their class.
  • Effective use of social media tools and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikis and Blogs to provide supplemental learning opportunities for external self-study.

“Ventura provided exceptional Lab Instructional Support.”Contracting Officer, Foreign Service Institute

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